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Bringing meditation into the workplace is about giving employees the best of both worlds;

the benefits of feeling connected and the financial stability being a part of a business or corporation provides, and a peaceful, stress-free work environment. 

Meditation Sessions

Meditation practiced at work improves culture, increases productivity and reduces stress-related downtime.  The result is happier and healthier employees and a more peaceful and creative work environment.   I've designed these sessions with simplicity in mind.  I come to your office space, we sit on your desk chairs, and we create silence and stillness together.  

Goal:  Give employees an incredible benefit that improves their wellbeing, builds connection with others, improves corporate culture and shifts the dynamic of the workplace.

Leadership Training

Are you looking to start or enhance your corporate wellness program?   Often, change starts with the executive or leadership team setting the tone.  I'd love to work with your leaders to create an environment of kindness and compassion through a program I've developed called,  Leadership Excellence Through Mindfulness Training.  This 5 session course is intended to educate, motivate and inspire the act of mindful leadership.  


Goal:  Give executives an incredible benefit that enhances their leadership ability and improves the company's bottom line. 

"Wouldn't you love to have an office full of employees who are on-task, productive, happy 

and not distracted? Maybe it's time to look at a practical solution: meditation."

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