Mindfulness Meditation for Remote Teams

Our world may feel like an isolated and scary place at the moment, but it is more important now than ever to keep our minds and bodies healthy and in a state of balance.

You may find that your remote teams working from home are feeling stressed, anxious, and worried about family and loved ones, finances, work obligations, or navigating through all of the information regarding the COVID-19 and the effects it is having in the community.

Meditation is a great way to help keep us feeling grounded and present, rather than allowing our minds to wander off into fear, worry, and anticipation. It helps shift our mindsets and create a sense of calmness and peace in the mind and body.

Join Jason Blau, Meditation Teacher, and Mindset Coach for an online guided meditation for your TEAM intended to help them take time to relax their mind and body. Jason will offer tools for de-stressing and regulating your emotions and help prepare your mindset for the week ahead.

No experience is necessary, and beginners are encouraged to try Meditation in the comfort of their own space.

It is EASY to attend meditation sessions online using zoom.

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