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My young daughter, who has been practicing mindfulness and meditation since the age of 2 has been my biggest inspiration for bringing these teachings to kids of all ages.   It has been incredible to watch her develop the tools, skills and values that have shaped her into a kind and compassionate being, and enabled her to explore her emotions in a safe and positive way both in-school and at home, despite adversity.


Being a kid is tough, but it doesn’t have to be. Mindfulness training in schools has been shown to increase social skills, decrease aggressive behaviors and improve the overall learning experience.   I have worked with several schools towards implementing a proactive approach to mental health and well-being using age-appropriate tools to effectively bring mindfulness and meditation into the classroom.  This can done through a stand-alone program or incorporated into the cirriculum.  


As teachers, we have an incredible opportunity to shape the minds of our youth.  It has been exciting to empower school teachers with resources and knowledge of meditation and mindfulness practices that have helped create positive, optimistic classroom environments.   Students thrive when their teachers feel less stressed and anxious, allowing them to be more present  and connected within their classrooms.  Training can be provided during an in-service or

on-going throughout the year.  

For ages 3-5 yrs.

Mobile Mindfulness

We bring mindfulness to you!  The Breathing Buddhas program empowers young children by teaching them mindfulness techniques that help them to calm down, de-stress, and self-regulate their emotions. Breathing Buddhas uses a proactive approach in the early childhood development setting, dramatically impacting and positively influencing students, teachers and parents.

How Do We Add Value?

Parents love introducing their children to mindfulness at an early age, providing them with stress-management tools that will serve them for life.  


Teachers enjoy the “breather” our program offers, while gaining techniques they can use in the classroom, creating a calmer, more balanced learning environment.


Organizations like the unique dynamic Breathing Buddhas adds to their program, encouraging a healthy lifestyle and improving well-being for all.  



  • Self-regulate emotions   

  • Reduce intensity of reactions     

  • Self-sooth and calm down   

  • Reduce stress and anxiety     

  • Stay focused and attentive  

  • Reduce negative behaviors     

  • Reduce depressive symptoms    

  • Build self-esteem & confidence


  • Gain more control

  • Reduce behavior challenges

  • Get kids to sleep

  • Reduce fear and worry

  • Decrease stress and anxiety

  • Reduce frustration and anger

  • Reduce doctor visits

  • Have more fun! 



  • Create productive classrooms

  • Reduce behavior challenges

  • Increase class participation

  • Reduce distractions 


  • Add value to your school

  • Efficiency allocate resources

  • Reduce risk and liability

  • Attract high quality teachers 

Our Unique Program

Breathing Buddhas offers 30-minute sessions and flexible payment options that can easily fit into any enrichment program, school curriculum, open community events and camps.

Quality Instruction

Our certified mindfulness coaches have extensive training and experience, and are local practitioners who are passionate about assisting in the child-development process.   Through our proven curriculum, our coaches will effectively educate and engage your students and teachers with  a variety of breathing exercises, mindful games and  short guided meditations, leaving everyone feeling calm and relaxed.

Ron Sandell

Program Director

Jason Blau

Lead Teacher

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