Silent Mini Retreat


Let’s face it, our lives are stressful. We tend to go, go, go and never just stop and rest. We take care of others and sometimes forget to take care of ourselves. This half-day Silent Mini Retreat is intended to give you the pause you need to rest and relax in a way that supports your higher Self. If you want to live a spiritual life, you must take time to retreat. By resting the mind and the body, you can move forward with clarity and intention.


Join our expanded community for a half-day (6hrs) of silence and contemplation led by Jason Blau.


You can expect to:


1. Disconnect - You will be completely unplugged

2. Step Away - From your normal routine and everyday life to remove yourself from the thought patterns and mind chatter.

3. Meditate - This is the centerpiece of the retreat (no experience necessary - you will be guided)

4. Live Mindfully - Everything will be done with mindfulness and purpose.

5. Be Uplifted by Community - There are many benefits to participating in a Meditation retreat done in a group setting.


** Space is limited to 9 people **


Investment is $111 per person

(If you want to participate and can't afford this, please contact me directly)


The day will go like this…


Light yoga asana/pranayama breathing

Silence begins

Mindful breakfast (included)

Guided Meditation practice

Walking Meditation

Yoga Nidra (Yogic Sleep)

Mindful Lunch (Vegetarian - included)

Guided Meditation

Journaling (with some direction) - Life goals, bucket list, intention setting

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