My Approach

Great news!  You can already meditate.

You have the ability to pick a focal point and stay focused on it for a moment or longer.   However, most of us have wondering minds, so our focus is easily distracted.  This creates a lot of stress and dis-ease in our minds and bodies.  When we meditate, we learn to stay focused for a longer period of time, which gives the body and mind a chance to relax and move into a state of calmness and peace.   When we feel calm and relaxed, we can respond to each situation in our lives "consciously" and with a bit more ease and grace.  


What's great about the practice of meditation is that you don't need much to do it.  Just a quiet and comfortable place to sit and rest.   If you have tried starting a meditation practice already, then you know how difficult it may be to SIT and BE.   

After a few meditation coaching sessions, you will begin to notice significant changes in the way in which you feel and respond in stressful situations.   During our practices, you will learn about the different types of meditation and why it is the "antidote" to stress.   You will develop a toolkit of breathing exercises and other techniques for staying present in the moment and for "letting go" of any fears or worries that may be keeping you from achieving inner peace and happiness.

Meditation works best when practiced consistently.  So, let's chat weekly!   We can meet online, or if you live in the Philadelphia area, in your home or my local studio space.  I look forward to being a part of your meditation journey and sharing my knowledge and experience with you.  

Here are a few ways we can work together. 


1. Begin

"I want to get started and learn how to meditate."   

"I've tried meditating and I could use some extra guidance."


Meditation can greatly benefit you at any time in your life and is an incredible tool for any type of personal growth and development.  Meditation has been scientifically proven to reduce stress and helps you stay present in your life.  Meditation is becoming widely used in the workplace and within families and relationships.   This program is a 30-day commitment towards a better You!

Includes weekly coaching sessions for 1 month (offered virtually, in-home, or in-studio).

2. Shift 

"I want to become more present in my life."   

"I want to get clear on what I really want and need in my life."

Sometimes people think about meditating when they are facing a challenge or significant change in their life that is causing them to feel stressed, anxious, and/or depressed.   This program encourages you to explore aspects of your life and use the practice of meditation as a catalyst for change and to invite more peace and happiness into your life.  This is a 6-month commitment towards shifting your perspective and improving your life.  

Includes weekly coaching sessions for 6 months (offered virtually, in-home, or in-studio).

3. Transform 

"I want to be happy and live free of suffering (worry/fear)."

"I believe there is more to life than my desire for material possessions."

Meditation can be an incredibly personal and spiritual practice that encourages deep healing of emotional wounds and past traumas.  During this process you will begin to master your mindset and gain a strong understanding of how your thoughts, words and actions create your own reality.  This program will provide you with the tools to become artful at opening up into your fullest potential and most authentic self.  This is a 12-month commitment towards transforming your mindset and becoming the "conscious creator" of your most desired life.  

Includes weekly coaching sessions for 12 months (offered virtually, in-home, or in-studio).

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