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Thank you so much for stopping by my website!  I’m so excited to share my journey with you.  This all began 6 years ago after leaving the stability and financial security of my long-time career in sales in hopes of finding something more meaningful and fulfilling.   Upon leaving the industry and running a small start-up,  I was fortunate to have opened the first guided meditation studio in the Philadelphia area.   Today, I am a Meditation Teacher, Mindset Coach, and Motivational Speaker.   I’ve guided more than 2500 people of all ages in meditation and it’s my mission to teach people how to meditate and to use the principles of this practice to shift and transform their own lives.  I believe the whole reason for living is to experience all that life has to offer; the pain and the pleasure, and to be happy.   Let’s work together to discover your purpose and how to align with your greatest desires.  

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If you can breathe, you can meditate.  If you can meditate, you can change your life!  The practice of meditation has brought me so much inner peace and happiness that I am excited and honored to share what I've learned with you.  Although meditation is extremely simple in its design, it is often difficult in it's execution.  Therefore,  I am here to provide guidance, and to support you in developing a personal meditation practice that will improve your overall health and

well-being, enhancing every aspect of your life.


I am all about using meditation for transformation.  As a Transformation Coach, I want to help you become more conscious so that you can master your mindset and gain a strong understanding of how your thoughts, words and actions create your reality and experiences.  Change your thoughts, transform your life!  Our sessions are designed to help you gain self-awareness and become empowered.  It is my intention to help you discover your true purpose so you can align with who you really are and live your absolute best life!


With my innovative approach, I’d be honored to engage with your audience of any size to bring about change and help shift the culture within the organization.   With my programs centered around leadership, purpose and mindset, I create a learning experience that leaves the audience feeling motivated, uplifted and connected.   It’s my goal to open hearts, inspire change, and move people to take action to create an environment of happiness and abundance.  

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My husband and I had a private how-to meditate session with Jason. It was phenomenal. Really appreciate the background on meditation, the breathing techniques, and the guided meditation. Haven’t been this relaxed in a long time!

Michelle C.

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Whether you are a person experiencing trauma or transition in your life, someone who wants to transform and discover your authentic self, or a company looking for an inspiring speaker, I’d be so grateful to work with you. 

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